Automate the manual process to increase the throughput and decrease the cycle time.
Take on additional processing volumes with the existing staff.
Provide analytical insights for the operation.
Improve business process agility / quality and working leaner and faster
Improve customer satisfaction and gain additional customer base.
Reduce costs & Deliver strong ROI and outcomes.

DIR Benefits

Eliminate errors/reworks due to manual processing and improve the cycle time/throughput

Improved business and compliance control

Reporting and Dashboard for analytics and benchmark for: Vendor Management Solicitation Management Customer Analysis Improved customer satisfaction Planning

Customer Benefits

Web-based solicitation creation and posting – takes as little as 5 minutes to post one solicitation

Real time solicitation delivered to the participated vendors

Ability to lower defined NTE to meeting the project’s specific budget

Real time view of submitted candidates, screening and scheduling for interviews

Vendor Benefits

Web-based online submission to improve the productivity

Auto-reminder being sent to ensure stay on top of required tasks

Dashboard Keep an inventory on all submitted candidates

Streamline/real time manage worker’s time report, approval and invoice submission